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YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. No one knows who you are or what you are doing. Fan Finder Pro changes that within minutes.

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Stop trying to do marketing all by yourself. You can't.


Nowadays everyone has a product, brand or service they are trying to grow and make money from. We see the stories everywhere of amazing internet success. But guess what, it hasn't happened for you yet.

You know that social media is the key. But sadly, you don't know a ton about social media, and you honestly just don't want to learn! (I don't blame you). Luckily for you, you are in the right place. So take a sip of that coffee you have around you because of the lack of sleep you have had lately.

Our Fan Finder Software is the future of marketing online. It is a web based tool that will manage, analyze and interest for you on social media.

We had to create a tool like this. Our original business was so time consuming the thought of telling people we just had lunch at the office, or letting people know we were having a sale on our million different social media profiles was not possible!

Who's got time for all that?

But conversely, seeing how so many people and companies have become successful using social media we knew we had to do something.

We partnered with a leading software development company, and created this bad ass Fan Finder solution, that works for every type of business. Big or small, our Fan Finder software is there to take you from the kid picked last in kick ball, to the all star athlete that you see on tv everyday. (The Internet Version, lol)

FanFinder™ Makes Your Life Easy

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Everytime someone posts about something you want to make money on, you get notified. You contact them, you get paid! It really has never been easier to generate leads online. Get started today!

This software enables the artist to design a system in which automatic outreach becomes a reality. This concept can carry your social media outreach to a space that is user friendly and efficient for you and your target audience.

We all run out of ideas or things to post online, with our evergreen content feature that problem is GONE. Set up things your fans wouldn't mind seeing over the course of time, or use our database of content to keep your fans engaged. Start now!


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Follow / Unfollow
Auto Direct Messages
Auto Comment Popular Posts *Only In 50 a Week Plus Package
Auto Like Posts Based On Targeted Criteria


This marketing style is for marketers that want to promote and sell but look natural. Choose this style if you promote and sell but want to stay relatively undercover about it.
  • Follow / Unfollow
  • Auto Direct Messages
  • Auto Comment Popular Posts *Only In 50 a Week Plus Package
  • Auto Like Posts Based On Targeted Criteria

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me make a guaranteed return on my investment? +

We can only guarantee the amount of interaction you get, if you are interested in monetizing your exposure we suggest to sign up with our partner website www.effectualize.com to get a website and custom merchandise for your brand.

Do you offer training? +

Yes we offer training to every account that signs up!

Are there refunds? +

Because of allotted space on the system there are no refunds, you can however, reclaim investment in extra service or other forms of service, just contact customer service

Im just getting started with a brand, should I do this now or wait? +

Our software is friendly to seasoned pros and total newbies alike. Whether you’re adding a wealth of content from an existing spreadsheet or just starting out, our user-friendly interface makes it easy to build, maintain, and manage a full library of social media updates.

Do you offer discounts to Non Profits? +

Yes! We offer a 50 percent discount. Sign up today!